Focus area of this project

Sustainable HumAn-Robot collaboration for Edge Polishing of natural stone and composite materials-SHARE P

Stone processing robotic solution

We are developing this robotic solution for smoothing/polishing the edges of marble, granite and agglomerate.

Description of the project

The case-study focuses on a challenge for ENNEDI srl: the edge polishing of the stair steps. Machines available in SMEs usually perform in-line polishing on the long sides of elements, but they are usually bulky and not able to manage curved lines.

This sector is subject to risks with serious consequences for environmental safety (presence of chemicals, dust, fumes etc) and workers’ health (traumatic injuries, accidents, ailments and diseases caused or aggravated by work, uncomfortable work positions, strenuous rhythms, noise and vibrations).

PLUMAKE purpose is to supply small robots maneuvered and supervised by workers, who have just to deal with loading/ unloading and machine setting, easing the workload and reducing all the above-mentioned risks.

The robot is flexible and programmable both to produce a batch and a single unit, by setting few parameters on the robot control panel and/or with a tool change.


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Key points of share-p

Ready for industry 4.0

Stop repetitive work

Different processing/finishing possibilities

Compact design


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