The first collaborative robot for the processing of stone and composite

Share-P is the first collaborative robot designed by Plumake for the sanding and polishing of stone and composite, offering maximum efficiency and safety in the execution of even small formats.

Plumake, with the EVO-R SHARE-P project, has been funded by EIT Manufacturing ( for an internationalization project. Thanks to this opportunity, we will be present from June 19 to 22, 2024, at the Stone Tec fair in Nuremberg. The booth will be shared with our partner Dellas SPA (

The collaborative robot Share-P is designed to work safely and interactively, and it can perform various functions and activities, offering significant advantages to the processing workflow:

  1. Cutting and polishing: Share-P is capable of cutting and polishing small-format marble slabs precisely and uniformly. Thanks to integrated sensors and advanced control algorithms, it can maintain a high degree of accuracy, reducing material waste and improving the quality of the finished product.
  2. Material handling: Marble can be heavy and cumbersome to manually transport. Share-P can be programmed to move marble slabs from one area to another, reducing the need for physical labor by human operators and minimizing the risk of injuries.
  3. Milling and carving: Share-P can be used to perform milling and carving operations on marble blocks of various sizes. Thanks to its ability to adapt to different surfaces and slabs, it can create elaborate details and custom designs requested by the client.
  4. Inspection and quality control: Share-P can be equipped with cameras and sensors to perform quality checks and inspections of the processed marble surfaces. This helps to identify any defects or imperfections and ensures that the products meet the required standards.

The automation of these tasks limits intensive manual labor and reduces the risk of injuries or fatigue among operators. Thanks to Plumake’s programming with collaborative robots, there is a safer working environment for operators, reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

Automatic collaborative robots, the new frontier of automation 4.0.

The concept of “automatic collaborative robot” represents one of the new frontiers of Industry 4.0. A technological revolution that integrates digital and physical technologies to transform the way industries produce and operate. In this context, automatic collaborative robots (or “cobots”) play a fundamental role.

Cobots are a class of robots designed to work side by side with humans in work environments, without the need for traditional safety barriers. Their main feature is the ability to interact and cooperate safely with human workers, helping to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and productivity of the industry.

The adoption of cobots, such as Share-P in Industry 4.0, is opening new opportunities for automation and human-machine collaboration, contributing to shaping the future of work and industry.


Plumake develops innovative, efficient, and effective solutions for Industry 4.0. We develop industrial software (PLC, HMI, SCADA, Industrial IoT), provide technical consulting for the selection and implementation of technological systems in companies, and develop custom automations based on client specifications. We place humans at the center of industrial automation.

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