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Share-P is our robotic solution designed for processing a wide range of stone products, including but not limited to tiles, slabs, steps.
Share-P is a versatile machine designed for grinding/polishing operations, also ideal for small and medium-sized craftsmen who feel the need and necessity to relieve operators of these ergonomically unfavourable and dangerous tasks.

Our solution is capable of grinding and polishing ‘small format’ stone (steps/tiles/marble slabs, agglomerate, etc.) in a precise and uniform manner, with the possibility of also processing curved and irregular surfaces.

The automation of these processes also allows a high degree of precision to be maintained, improving the quality of the finished product.


Share-P is designed to perform various configurable machining operations, from the simplest to the most complex.
It is designed to work without interruption thanks to the automatic tool changer that allows different recipes and multiple cycles to be managed without downtime for tool replacement.

The workpiece transport and clamping system can be configured and customised according to requirements: according to the space available in production, according to the size of the multiple products to be machined, or simply to choose between a manual system (in craftsmen’s areas) and a fully automated system to be integrated on a production line.

Different configurations: multiple tool magazines, configurable structure widths, modular/adaptable conveyors (useful to connect the line upstream, as well as to create a production buffer stock), Share-p can be adapted according to the required functionality and depending on the work space.


Share-P is our robot for the stone industry, more than just a machine, it is a partner in improving your working environment.

Designed to work alongside the operator, SHARE-P takes on the heaviest tasks, allowing the operator to concentrate on supervisory and control activities. This:

✅ Reduces exposure to hazardous working conditions (noise, dust, vibration)
✅ Improves the quality and precision of the processes
✅ Replaces repetitive work, allowing for professional growth


Share-P is designed to perform complex machining without interruption, thanks to its innovative automatic tool change. This feature allows you to handle different recipes and multiple cycles without downtime for tool changes, thus improving your productivity and flexibility.

With Share-P you transform your production by eliminating the risks associated with heavy manual machining. Reduce physical fatigue and harmful exposures, increase efficiency and the quality of your products.

Ease of programming

Consecutive cycles without interruptions

Increased production efficiency

Customisable transport system

Reducing physical stress

Superior quality and repeatability

Automatic tool change

Reducing risks for operators

Manufacturing flexibility


Facilitates craftsmen and companies in polishing/grinding/ bush-hammering tiles, slabs, steps.

Simplicity of programming

Simple, intuitive interface designed to simplify user operation

Working without interruptions

Consecutive work cycles, with the possibility of defining several machining recipes with different tool changes, based on available magazines

Modular structure

Configurable according to the characteristics of the articles to be processed and according to the available work space.

Transport and clamping

Workpiece transport and clamping system adaptable to the articles to be processed. Automated or manual.


The flexibility of using Share-P allows the machine to work either in-line with other devices or in an off-line location. In particular, this is the procedure:


The transport system (table with balls or automated transport) receives the plate from the machine upstream.


The operator moves the plate to the working position defined by appropriate stops.


The same operator operates the machine that will clamp the slab and process its edges and flat faces


Once the work cycle is complete, the same operator removes the plate from the working position and table


Return to step 1 to re-start the cycle


More processing available

Grinding, polishing and bush hammering

Share-P is able to grind and polish small-format marble workpieces precisely and evenly.
Thanks to its integrated sensors and advanced control algorithms, it can maintain a high degree of accuracy, reducing material waste and improving the quality of the finished product.

Automatic transport and clamping

Material Handling

Marble, stone or agglomerate steps, slabs and tiles can be heavy and cumbersome to transport manually. Thanks to Share-P's (automatic or manual) conveying systems and configurable clamping systems, handling from one area to another can be facilitated, reducing the need for physical labour on the part of operators and minimising the risk of injury.
There is also the possibility of integrating robots for palletising the processed products downstream of the conveyors.

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Inspection and quality control

Share-P can be equipped with cameras and sensors to perform quality checks and inspections of processed marble surfaces. This helps detect any defects or imperfections and ensures that the products meet the required standards.

Special workmanship

Engravings and details

Stone, marble and granite are often used to create special works. By means of suitable pneumatic percussion spindles/tools and appropriate configurations, Share-P can be set and programmed to carry out engraving of tracings, lettering and designs and other special workings, precisely even on small formats.


What are the specific features of the SHARE-P that make it ideal for the precision machining of stone materials?

Share-P is equipped with advanced technology that enables precise pressure and speed regulation, essential for high quality processing of marble and other stone materials. In addition, its intuitive control system allows operators to easily adjust settings for different types of processing, ensuring optimal results every time.

How can SHARE-P improve the safety of our working environment?

Share-P has been designed to reduce workers’ exposure to occupational disease risks by eliminating dangerous and manual intensive tasks through advanced automation.


What types of machining can SHARE-P perform?

Share-P can be programmed for a variety of stone processing operations, including grinding, polishing and cutting, with high precision and superior results.

Is Share-P easy to integrate into existing systems?

Yes, Share-P has been designed to easily integrate with various existing systems, offering an intuitive interface and comprehensive technical support to ensure a smooth transition and rapid deployment.

Can SHARE-P benefit from Italian 4.0 and 5.0 incentives?

Yes, Share-P has been designed to meet the requirements of current legislation regarding 4.0 and 5.0 incentives.

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Raising Your Machining Standard with SHARE-P

Share-P is the ideal solution for those seeking efficiency without compromising security, designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing processes.
Not only do you optimise processing times, but it also provides a safer and healthier environment for your operators.

Simple operation

Easy to use, flexible and efficient.

Quality and efficiency

Improves machining quality through robotic precision.


It reduces exposure to dust and noise, protecting workers’ health.

Innovating while respecting traditional craftsmanship, bringing safety and advanced technology where there is none.

Our story

The birth of Plumake dates back to 2013. From our first experiments with 3D printers, we have grown to become a leader in industrial automation, always with a focus on small manufacturing companies in our area.

Plumake has always put man at the centre of automation, developing technologies that not only improve production processes in terms of time, costs and resources but also enhance the operator, transforming heavy and repetitive work into safe and sustainable processes.

Proof of this is Share-P. Designed specifically to simplify and automate the grinding and polishing of marble and other stone surfaces.

Our commitment extends further with the foundation of Ecoloop SRL. in our tenth year, promoting responsible innovation for a positive impact on the environment and society.

EIT Manufacturing Project

Our achievements

Plumake and Ennedi won the EIT Manufacturing Project, a prestigious European project, for the degree of innovation they brought to sustainable and competitive manufacturing.

With Share-P you transform your production by eliminating the risks associated with heavy manual labour.

You reduce physical fatigue and harmful exposures, increase efficiency and the quality of your products.

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